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Hosting Made Easy with the SodaStream Sparkling Water Maker

Written by Tammy Bravo-Eby

Planning a party and getting to instantly scratch off all non-alcoholic drinks from your shopping list—just one advantage to introducing SodaStream to your kitchen counter.

Picture this: you’re hosting a family gathering and your list of things to buy seems endless–appetizers, main course, sides, desserts. And, oh wait! Drinks. You can’t remember what everyone likes so you stock your cart with seventeen different kinds of pop and juice and hope for the best. On the day of the party, your counters are covered with bottles, half of which remain untouched throughout the night. The other half are left open, getting flat, and will inevitably be poured down the sink at night’s end. This is what it’s like at our house. Between our family and friends, we host guests with a pretty wide range of tastes–from the simple and health-conscious to the fancy cocktail lovers. It’s difficult to account for all their needs, especially when we’re hosting them at the same time.

Now picture this: you have a SodaStream and you don’t have to deal with any of this hullabaloo. You make your carbonated beverages fresh to order, suiting everyone’s specific tastes. You have mixers for alcohol and your counter space is free and clear (or covered with yummy desserts. I prefer the latter). You even have some lower sugar options for the kiddos who really don’t need any more reason to bounce off the walls. Less fuss, less waste. Plus, I feel super fancy when I offer my guests personalized drink options.

The SodaStream is the countertop appliance you might not have realized you needed so badly. This beauty carbonates beverages within seconds, allowing you to choose from three levels of carbonation. Love yourself some bubbly water? Leave it at that or pop in a slice of lemon. And feel good about yourself for actually meeting your water intake goal for the day. Looking for something more? Choose from over twenty delicious flavours from the classic Cola to Pink Grapefruit. Add some alcohol and you’ve got yourself a yummy cocktail. If you’re looking for that real DIY experience, craft your own syrups and experiment at will. You’ll save even more money, and might come up with something really great.

Leave it at that or pop in a slice of lemon. And feel good about yourself for actually meeting your water intake goal for the day.

Unlike many other countertop appliances, the SodaStream sparkling water maker is sleek and minimal in its design. I was so excited that it matched my stainless steel appliances and fits right in with my decor.  It also takes up next to no counter space and I was surprised by how much room this little thing opened up in other areas of my home now that I no longer have to store carbonated beverages in my cupboards.

I’ve had so much fun sampling all the different flavours. While I’ve loved everything I’ve tried, my favourite so far is the Homestyle Lemonade. I enjoy it on its own, but one night I had the ingenious idea to add some amaretto to my glass and I fell in love. It tastes just like an amaretto sour! I’m not exaggerating when I say that we’ve used this handy little device every day since receiving it. I’ve also noticed that my beverages stay fresher much longer in the SodaStream bottles than in store-bought containers due to the seal on the cap, so I am free to experiment with lots of different flavours without letting any go to waste. We absolutely love the SodaStream. It simplifies entertaining, it’s versatile, and it’s fun!

Chance to Win a SodaStream Prize Pack

Here’s your chance to win a huge prize pack worth over $450 filled with everything you need for convenient healthy beverages every day for your family and your suddenly very frequent visitors! The prize includes a SodaStream sparkling water maker, plus 20 flavours, carbonation bottles and spare cylinders.

The contest is now closed. Stay tuned for the winner announcement.

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