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How I Fixed my Broken Vagina

Written by Melissa Robertson

Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you should pee your pants.  So here at PLN, we decided to send our Blog Editor to investigate what really happens when you decide to fix your pelvic floor. 

I’ve just spent the last 40 minutes detailing my plans for my daughter’s birthday party with Laura, a young mother-earth type mom who is really easy to talk to. We have laughed at the craziness of kids parties and my insane plan to invite the whole class despite the fact that I am planning to host it at my house. To an outsider, you would think we were old friends just catching up over a cup of coffee. But the truth is we aren’t friends, she is my physiotherapist and she has her hand in my vagina.

Image courtesy of Nadia Cakes.


Pelvic Floor 911

I should probably back it up a bit here. My journey to pelvic floor physiotherapy began about eight years ago when I became pregnant with my first daughter. It was a difficult pregnancy, which was then repeated twice more in the next two years. Needless to say, these choices took a toll on my pelvic floor and to this day, it is not the same.

While I am certainly not forced to wear diapers or carry a change of clothes, I can’t participate in a public kickboxing class because my poor hoo-ha can’t take the jumping jacks and trampolines are a pipe dream.

After a while, I decided I had enough of limiting myself. I did some serious research, wrote an article on the subject and realized that while I am certainly not alone in my issue; fixing it is not actually that hard to do.

Reaching out

I decided to reach out for help. I met Laura my physiotherapist and she agreed to fix me. It turns out that carrying babies had put my whole body out of alignment. I was actually leaning way back instead of standing up straight. While some people can have weak pelvic floor muscles, mine were actually seized up as a result of my poor posture and therefore could not work properly.

On the straight and narrow

Once she had corrected my posture, she had to actually teach me how to do a kegel. (if you are holding your breath while you do it, you are probably doing it wrong.) You are actually supposed to picture sucking up a blueberry into your lady bits. I had trouble with this visualization. If I could suck a blueberry up my hoo-ha I wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place.

On the mend

Now comes the interesting part; because my pelvic muscles were seized up, they needed to be massaged in order to relax them.

Think of it as a masseuse working out a knot in your back, except, in this case, the masseuse is working it out of your undercarriage.

While this may sound like your worst nightmare, I would argue that peeing your pants in public should probably trump it. Plus having so many hands up in my business during my pregnancies and births has totally desensitized me.

So now I am about a month into the process. I go for my physio weekly, kegel when I can, and we are about to add pilates to our repertoire. I can laugh, or cough, without worrying and I am working my way up to bigger challenges.

Trampoline, here I come.


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.