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How I Secured My Super-Aunt Status: shomi Review and Big Screen TV Giveaway

Written by Kat Lourenco

shomi How to Prevent a Bubble Guppies Crisis

I used to think babysitting duty was an easy-breezy taste of real parenting. I’d pop over on an evening off, saving the day when my sister needed to run errands. Surprise little nephew—time for a quality hang with your favourite aunt. I’d feed him his bottle, get in all kinds of cuddles, and send him to bed with a story. Minimal tears and he’s back to mom’s watch before there’s any sign of trouble. Sigh…babies are the best.

Until the day I experienced the perspective-shattering wrath of ‘the toddler’.

Our evening started out like any other. “He’s a little grumpy tonight, just throw on a TV show and you’ll be fine,” my sister suggests as she heads out the door. My nephew grabbed his favourite spot on the couch, while I scoured my list on Netflix for my go-to grump-reversal, Bubble Guppies.

I scrolled. Nothing.

I searched. Nothing.

“Buddy maybe we can watch something else… do you want to watch dinosaurs instead?” Silence, followed by the tight-lipped stare-down. Not good.

Then he’s making his this-is-not-negotiable headshake… and before I can even sweep him into my arms, we’re in full blown crisis mode.

A bawling toddler in one arm, I made a desperate google search: ‘bubble guppies where to watch’.

Me: “Shomi? Show me? Yeah, show me how to stop a toddler from crying.”

Him: “Bwuuuubulllll…..Gaaaaahpeeeeeees”.
Five frantic minutes later, we’re streaming Molly and Gil on another Bubbletucky adventure, and I’ve got myself a barely sniffling 18 month-old, plus a 2 month free trial of some of his favourite shows (not to mention, a few of mine). My sister returned to a sleepy but content kid, and my status as super-aunt remained unquestioned.

What time is it? It’s time for shomi.

Bubble Guppies aside, there are a ton of reasons why us PLN’ers have been getting into shomi at home.

The shows kids want to see.

Much like here at PLN, the TV series and movies on shomi are curated by actual parents. They’ve put them to test with their most adorable and credible critics—their own kids. Which means Peppa Pig, Thomas & Friends and Yo Gabba Gabba are available on demand when the kids, well, demand it.

Multiple profiles, multiple devices.

Forget squabbles over the remote. Your account lets you stream shomi on two devices simultaneously. Make the kids profiles of their own, and let them watch their shows on separate devices.

Free 2 month trial.

What better time than the post-holiday chaos to enjoy some downtime with the family? With shomi’s 2 month free trial offer, you’ll be stocked with enough My Pet Monster episodes to take you well into the winter months (and way back to your own childhood).

shomi My New Big Screen

Enter for your chance to win a new 55” Big-Screen TV in our shomi Flash Giveaway. Let us know which show your is child’s favourite in the comments below, then enter at our Flash Giveaway site. This contest is now closed.

Congratulations to Louise Casey of Petawawa, ON! Enjoy your new big screen!

2016-02-07 11.23.14

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