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What Minimalism Has Brought To Our Family

Written by Julie Jensen

No, I am not an expert on minimalism. No, I haven’t read that awesome sounding best-selling book (yet). No, I don’t only own basic need necessities. And no, my house is not spotless. Yes… I have read and pinned a ton of stuff about minimalism on Pinterest. Don’t worry I too am laughing at the fact that I’m even putting this post out there. But alas, my wannabe minimalism has actually benefitted my family a great deal and I have to share.

I started reading and pinning various blog posts and beautifully concocted quotes after I had my first babe. It resonated strongly with me. I enjoy getting rid of unloved things from my home and wanted to do more of it. A couple years later after stumbling across a pinned idea, I decided to give myself a hefty goal to get rid of 400+ things within a month. It was easy, then overwhelmingly hard, then easy again turned awesome. To this day I can only rattle off maybe 10 items I got rid of in that time frame.

I’ve continued to take on this plunge of getting rid of stuff often. Sometimes daily. And it is doing something amazing to my brain. It has started to eliminate distraction. Instead of frantically focusing so often on the trivial, superficial, mundane, pursuits and to-do’s of my day, I’ve started spending more time focusing on what matters most to me. My faith. My values. My talents. They are all being given more attention in my mind. As a result of this, I am able to find more time in my day for those things. Through the physical grunt work on deciding what to keep and what to discard in my home, more time is being devoted on that which matters most to me. What brings me the most joy. My loves. My family. I’m finding that it’s really not about the stuff at all. Though, taking far less time to clean and tidy sure is a cherry!

So, ultimately what minimalism has brought to our family is a happier mom. And that is huge, because we all know that if Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy.

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