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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas on a Budget

Written by Ashley Mullen
mothers day on a budget

I know what mothers want for Mother’s Day, after all I am a mother. My husband has done great buying gifts in the past when we can afford to splurge a little. But in reality, I don’t expect anything. I don’t want him spending a lot on me when I can’t afford to do the same.

Most mothers really appreciate the small things. Gifts that don’t cost much, but have a lot of meaning and thought behind them. Some ideas would be:


Let her sleep in on Mother’s Day. And when she does get up, have a cup of coffee waiting for her. Want to go the extra mile? Make her breakfast too. Serve it to her in bed.


Instead of buying a card with meaningless words and just scribbling names at the bottom, have your card make one. Even older infants, young toddlers can scribble on paper, she’ll love it more than one from the store.


There are hundreds of MOM mugs out there. Pick one up or take the time to make one. There are lots of ideas for those available on Interest online. Serve her coffee in her new mug. Added bonus, if she has a favorite place to get coffee, get her a gift certificate.

Homemade Gifts

Let your kids make something special. There are craft kits that can be done in an afternoon, a picture to be drawn, etc.

Take Over for the Day

Instead of mom being the one to discipline, change diapers, etc, Dad, it’s your turn. Mom can sit back and watch TV, read a book or magazine, or just sit back and relax while everything else is taken care of.

Spa Time

If you can can’t book her a day at the spa, take over care of the kids and let her relax in a bubble bath. Time to do her nails and let them dry without having to get something for someone. There are great bath/spa baskets offered at different stores, this time of year you can find them almost every time you turn around in a store.


Frame a favorite photo for her or surprise her with a great new one.

These ideas aren’t just meant for surprising your wife, the mother of your children, but maybe you can take something to do for you own mother as well.

How are you going to celebrate Mother’s Day this year?

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.