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I’m Giving Mother’s Day to my Daughter

Written by Noelle Piche
mother daughter

This Mother’s Day will be devoted to a girl who is not a mother at all. It’s going out to a lady who’s loving, sweet, with just the right amount of sass. Mother’s Day, this year, I am giving to my daughter.

Of course, we will celebrate her Grandmas too; my Mom and MIL. We have already carefully packaged Charlotte’s footprint flower paintings in Tiffany Blue gift bags for these special gals. But, for this first-time mom, I have a day planned, full of new traditions to make our day extra special.

  1. No cell phone: I usually keep my phone in my back pocket throughout the day. I never used to do this until I had my daughter. My reasons are twofold: safety (we are on seizure watch, and I like to know that 911 is in my pocket), and a camera on standby for impromptu cuteness overload, which happens about 500 times a day. Can she help that she is so cute? But, this Mother’s Day I am starting a phone-free policy (husband included, because it’s Mother’s Day and I get what I want. Of course, we all want Mother’s Day pictures, so I will throw it back old school with the Nikon.
  2. Start a Mother-Daughter journal: I love the idea of writing an entry to my daughter once a year to give to her when she becomes a mother herself. I hope I can offer her some insight, words of wisdom, or at the very least a good laugh at my constant struggles and awkward mommy moments. Charlotte, remember the time you pooped on my leg in the tub? Yeah that was special. I love you.
  3. No presents please: Two weeks ago my husband asked me a pretty surreal question: “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” Is he talking to me? Oh Yes! Me, I am a mom now, I get in on this! As someone who has always been into experiences over physical gifts, I had to give this some serious thought. I came back to him mere seconds later. “For Mother’s Day, I would like a backyard full of pink flamingos please.” The look on his face told me I had either scared or confused him. “Plastic Pink Flamingos” I corrected myself. And then I did what any logical wife would do, and sent him the details on the party center that does pink flamingo rentals. Plastic Pink Flamingos. I can’t wait to see the look on Charlotte’s face when she wakes up to see her backyard in a beautiful state of pink and magical birds. A bonus for my husband: the rental costs less than my favourite perfume.
  4. Take a 3 generations photo: I have gained a new respect for the woman I call Mom. How did you do this whole ‘baby thing’ in the 80’s, sans Google, and live to tell the tale? To be honest, I don’t think I was capable of even realizing how much my mom loves me until I had my own daughter. About three weeks into Motherhood I remember telling my mom “I get it. I totally get how much you love me because I love that little baby more than I ever thought possible.” She was beaming with pride. I want to capture that look, as she stands beside her daughter and grand-daughter, once a year, on Mother’s Day in a 3 generations photo.
  5. Dress baby in mom’s clothes, snap pictures: Okay, this one sounds crazy, but there is a great explanation if you read on! As a little girl, I got so much joy out of playing dress-up with my mom’s clothes, still do (I once, unknowingly, bought an old blouse of hers from a local thrift store). I hope someday my daughter delights in raiding my closet, I’ve been saving all the cool dresses for her. So this Mother’s Day, I’d like to snap a pic of her wearing something of mine. I sense a Pinterest-fail in the works, but I am willing to give it a whirl!

Realizing that I am now a Mother didn’t happen overnight. It happened slowly, fading into my life over the past 6 months, one small step at a time. Mother’s Day, for this first-time mom, is a big step in this realization. The shoe is on my foot, and it’s a beautiful shade of pink. This year, I join you fellow moms in a day of celebration! How will you choose to celebrate your special day? Whether it be the classic breakfast in bed, a day vegging out with your favourite movies or an over-bearing yard of pink flamingos, I salute you – you have earned it!

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.