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The Unexpected Baby Shower Gift Your Friend Will Thank You For

Written by Melissa Robertson

A little boost to help power your way through parenthood—it’s what every parent needs. So why not bring this unlikely gift to your next baby shower?

When it comes to baby gear, things are always changing. When I recently took my oldest (seven going on 17) to The Baby Show, I barely recognized half of the ‘must have’ baby items. Yet when it comes to the essentials for your baby, some things never change. So now that my sister-in-law is getting ready to have her first baby, I know the perfect gift to bring to her baby shower.

This mama knows that motherhood runs on Duracell.

Any well-meaning neighbour, co-worker or family member can bring her a cute outfit or baby blanket, but only a seasoned mother would bring a family pack of batteries. Not just any battery—it’s only the best for my soon-to-be niece or nephew. And let’s be honest—it needs to be something that will last for the well-being of my brother and sister-in-law.

This mama knows that motherhood runs on Duracell. When regular batteries seem to lose power at the worst possible moment, I know I can trust Duracell.

From the moment I brought my first daughter home, who we affectionately nicknamed ‘the Dragon’ for her excellent screaming skills, I came to rely on my baby swing. I learned pretty early on that those cheapie batteries just don’t cut it. When I desperately needed my 20 minutes of respite from ‘the witching hour’ (parents know this time well) I couldn’t rely on anything but Duracell. When those other guys would cut out, leaving me high and dry, Duracell kept her swinging and my sanity intact.

One of the first big steps in parenthood came from moving my little girl from her bedside bassinet to her own nursery. After all, we had spent hours painting, decorating and getting every detail right—why not eventually let her sleep in it? I don’t think I would have ever gotten any sleep without knowing I would be able to hear any little noise she made with our brand new baby monitor. I could sleep knowing that no matter what noise she would make, I would hear it.

Of course late-night wake-ups are a part of parenthood, but waking up to a sick baby is enough to challenge any parent. Luckily it’s easier the sooner I can learn what my baby needs. Even though I (thankfully) only use my digital thermometer occasionally, I know I won’t be fumbling in the dark to find batteries. Instead, I can trust the lasting power of Duracell.

I could sleep knowing that no matter what noise she would make, I would hear it.

While my daughter is growing up fast, we still keep up a steady battery supply. From powering her latest must-have gadget to her bedside flashlight that keeps the monsters away, we know what works best for our family. So what better way to help a new mom-to-be than to share my experience and a fresh supply of Duracell? It’s the least I can do.

So, now PLNers we want to know—what is your fave shower gift to bring for friends and family?

*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.