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What is the Future of Toys”R”Us in Canada?

Written by Melissa Robertson

The recent purchase of Toys”R”Us Canada has parents and kids alike worried about the future of their favourite toy store. Parent Life Network went straight to their President for some much-needed answers.

A Canadian Company

Toys”R”Us has been a staple in many Canadian households for generations. So when reports surfaced in the media about the closing of stores in the U.S. and overseas, many assumed it was also bad news for Canadian stores. Fortunately, Toys”R”Us President Melanie Teed-Murch assured Parent Life Network that there is actually some great news for Canada.

With the recent purchase of Toys”R”Us by Fairfax Financial Holding Ltd. not only will Canadian customers be treated to a variety of new innovations, Toys”R”Us will be owned and operated by Canadians.

“I think that is important to Canadian customers. They want to support a Canadian company that employs Canadians in their stores coast-to-coast,” says Teed-Murch. “We look forward to remaining Canada’s leading toy and baby retailer.”

In other words, Toys”R”Us is here to stay and here to play.

Can we buy gift cards?

“We are still honouring all our programs and warranties including “R” Club and our baby registry,” she says. “Gift cards purchased in Canada from us are safe. Please give them!”

Teed-Murch has spent her career rising up through the Toys”R”Us ranks starting out as as a store manager and working her way to the top as President. She also became a parent to a son and daughter along her Toys”R”Us journey. Her kids are now teenagers and think their mom has a pretty cool job.  

“Being the president of a company, and a woman, is something to celebrate with young women that we are raising to be future leaders,” she says.

More fun in store

Her passion for the company is the driving force behind the innovation she is looking forward to extending across all 82 stores. Kids and the young at heart can look forward to interactive play areas and demo stations designed for the kids at their level, but also ‘rest stops’ for us parents.

“You can have an experience with  LEGO® or Play-Doh™ Make and Takes or try out the newest product launch at a demo table and just create moments of wonder throughout our store,” she says. “There will be areas where kids can play hopscotch on giant monopoly board floor decals or a  Perplexus game station that three children can play together. We are really trying to open the doors of wonderment for children at their level.”

Community Commitment

While there are many new initiatives coming to Toys”R”Us, the company will continue with its commitments to its community and charity programs including Autism Speaks Canada and The Starlight Children’s Foundation. Each year the company raises millions to support these partners thanks to their customers and team members. One example of the many programs that support these organizations are the Starlight Dashes.  This year Toys”R”Us will host 10 “dashes” across Canada in which seriously ill children from the Starlight Children’s Foundation will have three-minutes to race around the store and fill their cart with toys!

Teed-Murch says everyone really comes together to support the charities: from the national campaigns, retail stores that host community events, and even the customers who generously buy a puzzle piece or star in-store to offer support.

“It’s a really important part of what makes us who we are and it’s another way to instill joy from our family back into the community.”

There is no better time to check out the fun at your local Toys “R” Us. Every store across Canada will be kicking off their Power of Play initiative with an event each weekend in June. So Parent Life Network, why not check out what events are coming to your local Toys”R”Us and make a date with our favourite Canadian toy store?


*Opinions expressed are those of the author, and not necessarily those of Parent Life Network or their partners.